Connecting Brands with Passionate Customers

At the heart of Gearmunk is our mobile app where outdoor lovers discover gear and brands discover loyal customers.

Connect with Customers

Engage your most loyal customers.

Find people who love your products and work with them to spread the word about your brand.

Mobile Platform

Enable gear lovers to discover your products.

Go one step further and tell your brand’s story through our immersive mobile videos.


Gain insights into the actions of outdoor enthusiasts.

See what they are searching for, talking about, and putting on their wish lists.

Use this information to intelligently target and reward your loyal audience.

Learn How to Tell Your Brand’s Story in an Authentic Way 

Digital Sherpa is your guide to harness the power of current, emerging, and future digital trends.


To master your customer,
you must first master yourself.

Implement A 360 Digital Audit
Understand The Digital Consumer Journey
Utilize Prescriptive Analytics
Build Digital Testing Models
Architect A Digital-First Brand


We’ll arm you with the latest tools.
You just need to execute. 

Omnichannel Digital Strategy
Leveraging Digital Influencers
Digital Communication Strategy
Digital Campaigns & Creative
Digital Marketing Education Workshops


Build agile strategies, leverage consumer DNA, & evolve your brand.

New & Trending Digital Marketing Models
Consumers Path-To-Purchase
AI, AR, Voice & other Smart Tech
Media Channels in 2018 & Beyond
Building Strategic Digital Partnerships

Get curated content, tips, practices, and insights from leaders in the digital strategy ecosystem.

Enhance Your Marketing Team

We love using cutting edge technologies to help small and medium sized brands compete with the big boys.

Product Videos

Don’t have a video production team? We do! We’ll help you shoot stunning product videos.

Augmented Reality

Ready to jump into the future? Demo your product and tell your story using augmented reality. We’ll help you do it!

Brand Stories

Need help telling your story? That’s where we come in. We have a dedicated team of experienced filmmakers that can help tell the story behind your brand.